Welcome to Tarhead Studio

Seated in the cold land of Sweden, we develop gaming experiences with one goal in mind - To deliver great and exciting gameplay to our players. Drawing from the simple design of classic games and adding new innovative ideas, we construct unique and fun experiences with the player in mind.

Ambition, precision and fun

It takes more than the right set of skills to make games. More than anything, it requires ambition and passion. At Tarhead Studio, headquartered in Skövde, Sweden, we love making games and we’re not satisfied with anything but perfection. Our recipe for perfection includes the following ingredients:

Fun. When you’re developing games your goal is to find the fun. That’s what it’s all about. At Tarhead we have taken that to heart by creating a positive environment where crazy ideas, laughs and fun in general is not only encouraged, but a requirement.

Focus on the player. We make games for the players, who in the end will be the ones that either make or break the success of our games. By putting the players at the heart of the development and making them a part of the process we ensure that our games live up to their expectation